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    I am noticing that the search results (using the WP plugin) don't always give accurate results when using "women's" and "men's" (or variations of men and women) as keywords in the search.

    I noticed this after a recent search was done on my website using the following keyword set "New Balance Women's Running Shoes". The results accurately provided New Balance Running Shoes, but in "men's" and not "women's".

    You can see the results here on the net pool:

    I haven't changed my relevancy threshold plugin setting (i.e. it's still at the default 7) to see if results improve, but I am curious to see if there is something you guys can add to the search algorithm to better distinguish between men's and women's items. My guess is this is something already written into the algorithm, but the results aren't always reflecting that rule.

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    I'll have Brandon take a look at the plugin. I see perfectly fine results for the example query you gave using the api directly: new balance women's running shoes

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    K, got it figured out. I'll get an update out for it in a bit.

    The technical reasoning.

    I'm running FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING on any post variables, so the query for instance. Which that would turn apostrophes into ', which then I ran rawurlencode on that and it was messing it up and turning it into %26%2339%3B. So everything went kinda crazy and was messing up the query. It looked right but it was actually querying for women's in the end.

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    Version is out, that will fix this. Thanks for noticing, let me know if you see anything else.

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