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    Number one and two are "high heels" duvet covers. That's an exact match for what you supplied in the query. The vast majority of queries that come through our system are long phrases. In general, our average query length is 5 words. The shorter the phrase, naturally, the broader the results.

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    I only WISH I could rank for "high heels" !!

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    Yeah, queries like that would bring in endless volumes of cash lol.

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    I know this is another single word phrase, but nothing on the page is exactly a tent. its all accessories.

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    Searching for "http://" returns ugly results.

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    Good way to find messed up merchant feeds I guess

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    Good catch. I'll tak care of those today

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    what about "bikini"? It may be too broad to fix, but on my swimwear MFPMU site my homepage is now showing bikini tops (auto accessories) for Jeep Wranglers when I use the keyword "bikini" as the default niche.

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    That's a tough one because there is no way to determine if you mean swimwear or car accessories without at leastba second word in the query. I am reluctant to modify queries like that one that are technically relevant. Ill look at it a bit though

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