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    Proper use of links api

    When using the link api, the url parameter should be the last parameter in your url. Many merchants have their own parameters in their url, so it is possible that tracking could be disrupted, or url's will go to the wrong page if you don't place the url parameter last. We also suggest url encoding the merchant url's which also prevents this from happening.

    Correct (&url= is the last parameter):

    PHP Code: 
    Correct (merchant url is url encoded which ensures that all merchant parameters are sent over properly):

    PHP Code: 

    Incorrect(url= is placed first. This may not work for every url and may disrupt tracking):

    PHP Code: 

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    Certainly you could extract the parameters and reshuffle them yourselves to match what the merchants are accepting using some simple PHP code?

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    Every merchant is different. You either need to url encode the merchant url on your end (best method), or send us the url parameter last so we can parse it without having to worry about the parameter order and such.

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