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    General question about speed of site

    Currently I cache the trending products for 24 hours, whereby it "recycles" by calling the Trend API again, processing the productId's and passing those on to the Product Search API to get meaningful results (btw, if we can skip step 1 and 2 and go straight to step 3 it would be amaze-balls)

    This obviously means that 1 user (or Google) might hit the site and have a wait time of a 1 second or more (depending on load) for that 1 request, whereafter it drops to it's fast speed again.

    Would this impact on rankings and/or user experience in anyway?

    I was thinking of doing a timed cron for the cache instead of waiting for a user to hit it and having to wait.

    What do you guys think? Or am I just over-engineering now?

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    I think you are over engineering .

    A search engine certainly wouldn't take one page load to determine anything meaningful. More likely, hey look at the page load history over a large period of time with thousands of requests. Those statistical outliers are not going to matter at all.

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