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    Link optimizer - are those results right?


    I'm looking into link optimizer and i took as example.

    It should link to best offer from another (affiliated) site.

    I tried with 5 random products (boots etc.) and every time
    link optimizer returns direct - non affiliated link.
    Is everything alright with the service?
    am i missing something?
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    We have to manually add merchants to the link optimizer. Extracting the keyword from the url requires a regular expression to be created for each merchant. We started with the most popular merchants, so if there are others you would like just let us know and we can add them. I will add Herbergers later today...

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    It actually looks like we have Herbergers but they changed their url structure. I will get that updated.

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    This has been updated...

    BTW, make sure you put http%3A%2F%2F at the beginning of the url in your url param.


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