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    tried Cloudflare on my test site-- so far after 2 hours can't see any change at all -- I'm the only traffic--I chose to minifiy js, html, css, and chose rocketloader and lazy load. It put redirect into my htaccess so I know it did something but performance -- no change. No stats reported yet but there is a delay of 1 hour for Platinum Level. It doesn't look like the Lazy Load works --it loads all images without scrolling so not sure if it is just that (it is in beta) or if there is a config prob or something. Any thoughts?

    I tried to narrow down the speed hogs the other night and mostly it is the loading of images which for the initial load I don't see that Cloudflare is of any help for that. I plan to wait and see if the stats show up tomorrow--if not then it may not actually be connected right.

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    First, your stuff is likely cached in your browser, and second, it takes time for the files to spread across their global CDN. Cloudflare saves us several hundred million requests a month and hundreds of Tb of bandwidth. It definitely works.

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    Cloudflare is also DNS based, so even though you updated your settings, the DNS takes time to propagate. Download a Header checker for Chrome, you'll refresh and notice stuff like "nginx" and "cache-hit" to confirm it's working.

    Also, cloudflare crawls your site, it doesn't work on if a user or yourself hits your site. pro plans gets crawled daily up to a certain limit, free plans are once a week and only about 10 urls I think etc etc

    Over time they cache most of it

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    THanks guys. My cache has been cleared--I clear it before each of my speed tests, so I know that isn't it. I downloaded a header checker (AYIMA) for Chrome and there is no sign that it is using anything like Cloudflare--it just goes to my pages. Here's the output it gives me:

    Redirect Path
    200: HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Above are all of the URLs that your browser visited, on its way to the current page. If no redirects took place, there may only be one URL listed. Click on a step to see more information.

    Does this indicate clearly there is some kind of problem since it didn't show the things you mention?

    There are still no stats at all.

    It occurred to me last night that they may not be able to crawl the site because I am blocking crawlers from my test site, so maybe (I thought) I'm blocking them too, but according to their faq their crawler ignores robots.txt so shouldn't be a problem. I've got the Platinum version. I'll temporarily remove the robots.txt file to see if the stats begin to progogate.

    Is it possible the problem is lack of users since it is my test site and basically nobody but me is using it, or does the header checker info above indicate to you that something else is the problem?

    EDIT: I just checked the DNS page on cpanel and it looks like things are pointing to cloudflare.. just no evidence in the speed, the stats, or the header check that anything is happening..
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    I doubt you are going to see a benefit using this on a test site with no traffic. Just roll it out to your live site and watch from there. It works, I guarantee it. I have used them personally for several years now.

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    Yeah, at first I wanted to see if it had a benefit but now I'm just looking for evidence that it even is set up right. Regardless I think I'll go ahead and set it up on the live site and see how it goes there..

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    Like I said, it takes a while for them to crawl your pages. They don't cache it on-demand when a person hits your page. So give it a couple of days.

    The header check is just there to confirm cloudflare. You should see something like cache-miss but definitely something about Cloudflare. I use "HTTP Headers"

    Another thing you can do is open command prompt and ping your site. If your ping reply is from an IP address not configured on your server, it means cloudflare is routing it successfully.

    Also check cloudflare. They should indicate if everything is setup properly or if there's any issues. Because this is DNS, it may take up to 24 hours depending on your TTL on your DNS entries.

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    the Platinum, which is what I got is supposed to report stats within 1 hour, but my host tells me that I should wait for 24 which I have and still nothing shown. The ping and another headers test both reference cloudflare, so I'll just wait a bit more. On their site it all looks fine too, but still no lazy loading which I configured and it says it is on...sure seems like something isn't right still. :

    Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2014 16:27:51 GMT
    Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
    Transfer-Encoding: chunked
    Connection: close
    Set-Cookie: __cfduid=dce52486ea4fb965cd15229aa7020e4bb14176240 71; expires=Thu, 03-Dec-15 16:27:51 GMT; path=/; domain=.(my test domain); HttpOnly
    Vary: Accept-Encoding
    Server: cloudflare-nginx
    CF-RAY: 1931224c04e50893-FRA
    Content-Encoding: gzip

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    Yup that's cloudflare. They add stuff like cloudflare-nginx and __cfduid and CF-RAY to the header

    Not entirely sure about lazy loading and stuff as I generally don't have them tweak code for me (I usually minify/gzip/lazy load on my end already) so I use them as a pure CDN. As for the reporting, it should start up in a day or two. Even the free accounts take a while before they start showing stats. Afterwhich I'm sure you'll see hourly on the Platinum account.

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