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    link doesn't look like it is converted for me

    My program is using header redirect to the following link

    Prosperent is converting it this link:

    1. That's the right destination but it doesn't look to me like it ties back to me so that I get any credit. I'm new to this so pardon me if I am not understanding properly.

    2. The top link has my api key in it -- is that a no no since it will be in the url briefly prior to when Prosperent will covert it? Shouldn't that key be private? If not, why are we always keeping it private on these forums?..confused.

    3. ALSO, my marketer is planning on putting a link (presumably the first link?) in a fb blog post for this--I assume that is ok and I would get credit the same as if it was on my website right?
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    If it returns the original url it means that they don't support deep linking.

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    Brian, I can't tell if you are giving me general information only, or if you looked at the urls I provided and determined what is happening. The merchant has deepLinking in the merchant endpoint. The final url it resolves to (the 2nd one in my post) does have some affiliate info in it, but it is rather limited so is that the 'original url' or does it tie back to me?
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    tedm, think of it this way.

    Prosperent is an affiliate of merchant x. They use commission junction. How does commission junction know prosperent gave them the traffic? It goes through commission junction first, they say "ah, affiliate prosperent just sent merchant x traffic, so when there's a commission, we should give it to them, and not someone else"

    The end result at merchant x is that they track how much traffic commission junction sends them (that's what you see in the final url). But what you see in the final url isn't necessarily what has been happening yet. When the click happens, commission junction 301 redirects after logging the click on their end and creating the cookie before sending it to the final destination.

    Same thing when you work through prosperent. The click happens, prosperent logs it, they redirect to commission junction with their affiliate code, commission junction logs it, and then redirects to the merchant.

    ?utm_source=commissionjunction&utm_medium=affiliat e&pa=1&a=cj

    Is tracking how much traffic they got from commission junction, not who sent them the traffic (affiliate ID) because that was/is already handled and cookied.

    Once the merchant confirms a sale, commission junction updates prosperent's stats. Prosperent then picks up that you sent the traffic, and then updates your commission. The same way as if you were an affiliate with commission junction.

    Hope I make sense

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    Acid, thanks. I'm not quite there yet:

    I really appreciate the time you took to answer this Acid. I'm sorry to say I'm still confused because something is different between the two analogous examples, and I'm not quite following how there cant be some kind of unique SID at the merchant level too, just like it is when Prosperent sends a merchant traffic.

    When my users click on a product I send the affiliate url to Prosperent, and they convert it to a final URL like K&TRACK=affcjfesdfed&PID=732sdf8804&AID=1065sdf438 3&CID=207sdf442&fp=F

    Don't those IDs serve as cookies for the merchant so that they can give those IDs back to Prosperent and then Prosperent can tie them back to my affiliate URL which has an id that ties back to my own API key? So, the merchant is tracking WHO sent them the traffic (Prosperent) and with a specific code to report back to Prosperent.

    That's how I think of it. If that's wrong then it explains my confusion with the deep linking..

    If that is right then wouldn't it be necessary for Commission Junction to do for Prosperent (as their affiliate) what Prosperent does for me(as their affililate)? -- that is, set up SID, AID, etc type codes so that the merchant can report back identifers to commission Junction? Otherwise how would Commission Junction know?

    You wrote "Once the merchant confirms a sale, commission junction updates prosperent's stats." What in the url identifies Prosperent? Maybe pa=1? And then how would commission Junction know which identifier out of the thousands they get from Prosperent to credit with a sale, without it being in the URL (id SID=, etc..)?

    Maybe the answer is as simple as this: Scorebig DOES get identifiers from Commission Junction but SCOREBIG redirects to a shorter URL after logging the SID?

    I'm really relieved that this merchant is supporting deep linking, just would like to understand why it doesn't look that way.

    thanks again, Ted
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    Hi Tedm, the URL parameters that you see at the end of the series of redirects don't have anything to do with the tracking of the transaction back to you. Those are just there for the merchant to use for their own reporting.

    The appropriate cookies get set so that CJ can credit Prosperent. In the click that Prosperent sent to CJ, the SID was logged which gets reported back in the transactions so they can credit it to you.

    That you see "?utm_source=commissionjunction&utm_medium=affilia t e&pa=1&a=cj" in the URL is a good sign that things went through CJ, though there's nothing in there that identifies the affiliate. That's tracked in the cookie and click data stored on CJ and prosperent's click logs. Also, you don't always see stuff like that on clickthroughs. In fact, there's usually nothing on the link at the end. But it still worked.

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    +1 what jangro said. The end result you see there is for the merchant, not you. whatever happened BEFORE the final result gets credited to you in the background.

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    Thanks Jangro--it appears to me that you are validating the last q that I asked:

    <<Maybe the answer is as simple as this: Scorebig DOES get identifiers from Commission Junction but SCOREBIG redirects to a shorter URL after logging the SID?>>

    If Scorebig never logs SID type info they can't tell CJ what CJ needs to know. Correct?

    What I was not originally considering is that the end merchant may be redirecting what they get from CJ just like Prosperent redirects what they get from me normally.

    If I still have it wrong I apologize and guess I'll just assume it is working just like I have hoped.

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    Ted, I think what you have wrong is that the merchant (in this case Scorebig) doesn't have to log anything for CJ to get the information they need. The data you're looking for isn't missing because of a redirect. It's simply not passed in the URL.

    It's all done with cookies and tracking tags that report the purchase to CJ on the order confirmation page. At the same time, CJ reads the cookie they set to see what click the purchase came from, if any, and from there they piece it all together based on a click ID stored in the cookie.

    This is how most affiliate tracking works.
    Either that, or voodoo black magic.

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