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    Facebook -- problem with affiliate deep-linking link

    This link works separately. I gave it to my marketer to post on my biz page, which he does through Hoot. He said FB required a captcha but accepted it at the time of creation, and that he tested it then and it worked. However, when it was activated on my FB biz page it had Prosperent in the box(not what I want) and when I clicked on it I got a 'something is wrong with this link' type page which then gave the choice to go to the link anyway. I clicked 'follow' (I think that's what it was) and it went to the link with no problems! So the link seems ok but FB isn't liking something.

    Is using FB for deep linking not going to work because FB doesn't allow it or something? Or because the domain isn't mine? Figured maybe someone here has worked with links on FB and might know..

    Here's the link (modified for apikey):

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    Perhaps the person you hired a few months back who posted a few times about the benefits of using Facebook might have some ideas about this problem? My marketer has not come up with anything yet.

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    I think the reason it required a captcha was because it's a known affiliate link and/or not associated with your fan page specifically. It's to stop automation of posting links like that to Facebook, so it shouldn't be a big issue.

    RE: the 2nd point of it showing a Prosperent box and/something is wrong with the link. The reason you're seeing the Prosperent box is because Facebook automatically pulls images from the destination domain, and Prosperent obviously has markup to give them a FB friendly image. The other thing is, Prosperent filters bots. So having been redirected from Facebook (they have a redirection page thingy, note how it does that, almost like Google before going through to a page you searched for), so it's a possibility it was picked up as a possible bot, and they show that screen (including the link) so that if you're a human, you can still click through. Bots won't bother clicking, they tend to follow 301 redirects only.

    A few solutions pop into mind. First off, your marketer should know how to set images in facebook posts, you can override/choose which one you want (based on what they scraped from the destination site or your own). If that's not an option, I'd suggest an intermediary page, something you can control with your own markup. Almost like a masked link with the correct product image/details your marketer can use to post. That might work, but I'm not sure how Facebook follows redirects and how it scrapes for images on your page to put in the post, I haven't worked much with Facebook to know how that works specifically.

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    I don't run into this problem because I post through Shareist. Every once in a while, Facebook will strip affiliate links, so I don't ever post the aff links there. I also want to track my conversions from social posts, and I can do that with Shareist. (It's similar to Hootsuite, but it's integrated with Prosperent)

    Go grab your free Shareist account (you just have to let them know you're from Prosperent, but everyone gets a free 30 days), put your Prosperent API key into the project, use the Prosperent search in the Research Tab, and find the products there. Then, when you share to social media there will be no issues.

    Scott Jangro, from Shareist, is also on this forum. He may be able to offer insight.

    Check out the youtube channel if you have issues, but here is how you add your api key:

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    Thanks Acid. I'll check on the image. Have been thinking I'll create pages for some affiliates if I can't get it to work directly through FB.

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    Ashley, Shareist looks like a really great tool for social media. I'll definitely talk about this with my marketer.

    I'm not seeing how on Shareist I can target a specific merchant who doesn't have products listed with Prosperent, but does have deep linking. Is there a way?

    Are you familiar with anybody who has tried putting in a deep link (via Prosperent) only Facebook? I was hoping that is an option, but if it just isn't then so be it. I can always create a page that it goes to on my site, but was hoping for an easy way to have a facebook user just click and go (much like I assume Shareist is doing for products).

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    Hi Ted.

    I tried adding a prosperent deep link to a facebook page based on your description and saw the same thing you reported with the CAPTCHA. I think Acid's theory about FB detecting a redirect or an affiliate link is correct. I doubt they target Prosperent directly though, so maybe there's something about how the link looks.

    In Shareist, you can set up deep linking for just about any merchant in the Project > Tools/Link Tracking/Affiliate section.

    In addition to being able to enter your Prosperent API key, you can set up deep linking individually for any merchant with an affiliate program. Even if they don't support deep linking, we'll work around that. Once you set up a merchant, you can just link directly there and the affiliate linking will happen automatically on the click through.

    Setting up deep links for individual merchants can get complicated, which is why Prosperent is so great, so if you have any questions let me know.

    And shoot me a support message in Shareist (the blue question mark in the lower right) and I'll set you up with that free account for being a Prosperent user. That goes for anyone here.


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    Hey thanks Jangro! I'm checking it out--signed up for the trial, and was going to share a product link but it is pulling up my personal facebook image even though I'm connected currently to my facebook business page. I stopped there because I want to post it to my business page. Is there something I should do differently to make that happen?

    I'll check out what you wrote about deep linking too--great stuff!
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    You connect with your personal FB account, and your Personal Profile will be an option to share to, but you don't have to ever share there.

    When you go to do the actual sharing, you'll also see any pages you're an admin for, as well as groups, to choose from.

    If there are too many, you can pare down the list in the Projects > Set Projects Account page.

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    Yea I think having a shareist account puts up that intermediary page I was talking about

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