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    Great news tedm. Glad that worked.

    And yeah, Shareist needs enough access to your facebook account to post the content you put in there. We'd never post anything that you (or your team) didn't set up yourself. We wouldn't last long doing that.

    I'll set you up with the prosperent plan on Shareist, which is like the Pro plan for free. (normally $25/mo).
    You can invite your marketing person into your project to help manage content and social media. Collaborators don't have to pay for their accounts.

    That offer's available to any Prosperent users.

    I don't think I've been officially introduced here, but we're working with Prosperent to help affiliates with content and therefore create more solid websites that aren't just thin sites.

    Here's the basic idea of Shareist:

    1. set up research streams: RSS feeds, keyword searches and get interesting content (blog posts, images, products) to share to your social channels and/or write blog posts about.
    2. share interesting stuff, not just product offers, to your social channels
    3. use this content to create curated blog posts to post to your blog
    4. create unique original blog posts and post those to your blog
    5. create email content, recap posts from the stuff you've been sharing all week, and email that to your list, keeping it active.

    All of that activity can be managed through Shareist.

    This all helps you build a valuable presence (not just a website, but also social media and email), and an audience of people who like the content you're providing in all the places where they like to consume it. Some like email, some like social, and a website is a way to capture new audience members through search.

    Adding value means you're not a thin affiliate site.

    I'll be around if you or anyone needs help.
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    Thanks very much! I have forwarded this to my marketer. Looking forward to using Shareist!

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