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    How to Deal with Potential Scrapers?

    What is your approach to deal with sites that use your RSS feed (or scrape content) to post your content on their site?

    The question is actually something I am currently dealing with and I am looking for some advice. I see a lot of conflicting information online on how to deal with this issue or even just let it be.

    I am concerned about the impact on search engine ranking, which is why I ask.

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    This happens so much that I think that Google can just deal with it by now. RSS feeds and sitemaps also help Google find new content faster. If your site is well structured and available to google's bots, they'll find it on your site first.

    My personal opinion is don't worry about it.

    Beyond that, there are definitely conflicting suggestions out there.

    Some will tell you to limit your RSS feeds to excerpts only. I feel that this hurts legitimate uses of RSS feeds (like we use them at Shareist for people to get your content for research purposes) and it can cause more harm than good.

    There's are some Wordpress plugins that will put the link to the original post at the bottom of RSS feed content that looks like this, "This post was originally published here...", so if people publish your feeds, there's a link back to the original post. Another hint to Google that yours is the original. Yes, people can strip this, but the thing about people who scrape stuff is they are lazy, so probably not.

    And then, any website that does this isn't going to last long in Google. So if there is any impact, it won't last long.

    Worst case, somehow Google gets it wrong, in which case you can report them here:

    Bottom line, don't take away good features like RSS and harm your good users to fight off a few bad guys.

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