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    What happens if someone signs up, starts promoting and you then decide their site is 'garbage' ? Are their commissions lost and account closed? I have to say I'm not too comfortable with that, and you're setting yourself up for some flack there if that's how it works. People don't like 'their' money being hoisted away from them. So my suggestion is to pre-approve sites like Skimlinks does, if you have the resources.

    My only other suggestion, as a longtime user of Skimlinks/Viglink, is to please offer either check (cheque) payments or even better direct wire transfer. Relying on PayPal is a BIG no no, if they lock your account then you're going to get a lot of angry people complaining. And they do lock accounts arbitrarily believe me.... PayPal are an awful company.

    Love the interface / dashboard by the way. I wish I found you guys earlier.

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    First, let me assure you that we aren't new to this. We have been around since 2009, and work with over 18,000 publishers like yourself. We have review processes in place that we have designed over years of experience.

    We manually review each site that generates any revenue. If your traffic is found to be low quality, it means you will not have access to some of our high quality retailers. If you are a coupon or cash back site, some retailers may choose not to work with you. If you are breaking our terms of service, your account will be closed, but that's very rare, and anyone this happens to is probably used to it because they know they are doing something shady. You would have to be doing something pretty bad to have payment held from you (malware, cookie stuffing, etc).

    I definitely know that some users don't like paypal and their practices, which is why we also offer payoneer as an alternative. We do offer wire transfer payments as well, be aware that there is a $25 fee (just what the bank charges) for those. If you are interested, shoot us a message and we can set that up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prosperent brian View Post
    It's an internal evaluation. If you see merchants filtered in your account (when that rolls out), you can always inquire as to why.
    Is this what an "Excluded Merchant" is?

    Also, it would be nice if the prosperinsert widget behaved more like the ProductInsert for pages/posts. That way you can handpick what items show up in a sidebar area, without having to rely on matching keywords, merchants, categories or brands.

    I've been able to handpick one by using a specific keyword and setting the widget to display only 1 product. However, if I wanted to add some more products to the sidebar I would have to have a different widget for each one, since I can't possibly target the different types of products I would want to display in the sidebar with just one keyword query.

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    That's correct Thomas, an excluded merchant is just one that doesn't work with a specific site type that your site has been classified under. You can typically see a reason listed next to the exclusion.

    Thanks for the feedback on the widget. We're always trying to make these tools more useful, so I appreciate the explanation of how you would like to use it. That helps us out.

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