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    Manually Deactivate Wordpress Plugins

    Hi all, so I have another question that my world wide web search has not yielded an answer to (yet).

    The admin area to my WordPress site is not accessible on one of my two sites, therefore I cannot publish content. Basically, when I go to the admin login area it redirects to my 404 page.

    In the past, this was caused by the WP install not being completed properly via the WP update process, thus to resolve this I had to manually add the WP update via FTP. I have tried the manual method (as it has worked in the past for WP updates), but this time this issue arose without a WP update and it does not resolve by reinstalling WP manually, thus, I think it is a plugin update/conflict doing this.

    Since I cannot access the WP admin plugin section directly, what are some ways to deactivate all plugins via the database or via FTP. I actually tried temporarily renaming the "plugins" file to "plugins_deactivate" per an article I read, but that didn't work. And I have seen some online responses suggest going into the database to deactivate plugins, but their description on how to do this was poorly written.

    If anyone has some suggestions that would be great. It has been about a week and a half since I was last able to update that site with some content, so I need to find a solution relatively soon.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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    You may be able to deactivate via the database. I had an issue similar to this on a site, and I can't for the life of me remember what the issue was.

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    Robert are you willing to allow me to know your URL for admin? Just so I can see the error? I know you say it's giving a 404 error but I'd like to see what I might be able to recommend for you. Send to me by clicking the Yahoo Icon or Skype. Try accessing your site from IP address http://serverIPaddress/~cpanelusername/wp-login.php
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    Check the apache log file to see if there is a better error there as well. Typically a 404 triggers a longer error in the actual apache logs (usually at /var/log/httpd)

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    Thanks for offering your assistance rtwmerchants, but I would prefer to keep the website I use with Prosperent private. Here is the redirect/404 page url that I receive for reference:

    Brian, I will look into the apache log files to see if I can spot any errors.

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    Using FTP, if you change the directory name of plugins to like plugins1 it will deactivate the plugins, also you can change the directory names of each plugin to deactivate them also to figure out which caused an issue if need be.

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    Are you using multisite wordpress? take out the www before the domain name and try that!
    Might be of some help?
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    Renaming the plugins folder via FTP is probably the easiest way.

    Otherwise, in the database, there's a wp_options table. In there, find the option named active_plugins and change the value to a:0:{}

    I'd backup the table first, or at least save the old value.

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    Good news, I was able to resolve the problem and am now able to login into WP. I found it not to be a plugin issue after I disabled plugins by changing it to plugins1 via FTP.

    So, I went with looking through the error log and found an error with the wp-login.php file for my IP address. Once I looked it up on Google, I found that the solution was rather simple. The wp-login.php files permissions were set to 0666, and when I changed it to 0644, I was able to get to the WP login page. Not sure how it was changed in the first place, but good to know its resolved.

    Thanks everyone for helping out and offering tips! Have a great weekend!

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    Bah, that's the same issue I had before. Thanks for the reminder, I thought it was permission related

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