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    Hello Brian!
    I don't know where else to write, therefore, I am doing it here. Thanks for activating my account (putting my website in your white list for the clicks to be activated), however, I am not satisfied how the plugin works, as it only shows ONE PAGE of goods and not working, when I want to browse other products. On top of that, it started interfering with my own affiliate program codes (!!!!!), which is unacceptable, as I've been working with those hundred of companies for a few years by now. Therefore, I had to deactivate and then remove Prosperent Suite Plugin on my WP page. The question is, when will it be possible to see my own code rather than prosperent's in my affiliate links on my own website?? Thanks for you quick reply!

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    styleguide, what I think you want to do is use search queries in your menu, because the Prospershop page is a dynamic page.

    Say you want to have a page of handbags (since your default page is say, Shoes), search for handbags and then use that url in your menu bar.

    It would look something like this:

    Also, if it is interfering with other affiliate program codes, just turn-off the ProsperLinks settings and that should resolve that conflict.

    Finally, when you ask:

    The question is, when will it be possible to see my own code rather than prosperent's in my affiliate links on my own website??
    What I think you are asking has to do with affiliate url masking, although I am unsure based on how you word your question. If you want it to show a url that uses your domain then this is the option to check in the Advanced Option settings.

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    @Robert Styleguide doesn't understand what Prosperent is and how it works. He/she wants to use their own affiliate codes DIRECT to the merchant as I assume they have their own CJ/Share-A-Sale account

    @Styleguide Prosperent is a 3rd party that signs up to merchants like you would through programs like Linkshare/Commission Junction and Share-A-Sale.

    Because of the sheer volume of traffic Prosperent can send them, they get exclusive commission percentages and/or can get people like Walmart onboard, whereas you, with maybe 10k traffic, might not be able to.

    They also then clean the merchant feed's (which the merchant provide is horrible) and they have a custom search engine geared towards showing people high-converting products for search terms to enable higher CTR/Sale for everyone involved.

    They then get paid (as you would, directly from a merchant) and then share the commission they get from them to you, since the click originated from your sites.

    Think of it like Adsense. You won't get an advertising contract from Walmart to advertise on your site, but Google will. You then show Adsense on your site (which happens to show a Walmart ad) and then get paid a percentage commission if a click happens on the advert.

    Prosperent Suite uses the Prosperent API and this specifically requires you to go via Prosperent, as they make it available for free. I suggest you look into Datafeedr or a similar importable data feed plugin for Wordpress if you want to use your affiliate code you have with the merchants and don't want to work through Prosperent.
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