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    same merchant with 2 ids

    B&T Factory Direct currently is in the merchant endpoint with a merchantID of 130929. My table has them with the identical name/format and a merchantID of 126877, indicating at one point they were in the merchant endpoint with that ID even though they aren't now. I will remove the 126877 but thought I'd tell you guys in case you need to know.

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    Interesting. Would love to hear back from Andrew about this, as I was thinking of storing the merchant Id's too, but this would definitely mean I won't be able to do that with 100% certainty that they'd be accurate

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    Ok. I found 3 more when doing a duplicate check. I see that while all 3 have identical names they all have different domain names. I'm not sure what could have caused this on my end, but won't be looking any further into it as it seems a fairly small issue anyway.
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    Sometimes a merchant gets in twice and we'll delete the latest entry. We have an alert for it, and we apologize if you grab an id that is no longer in place. Rest assured, this is an uncommon problem and we try to get the ids out before they make into too many API calls.

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