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    Direct linking from social media?

    Is it allowed to link directly to merchants (using link affiliator) from facebook fanspage? are merchants okay with this?

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    Are merchants okay with direct linking? No. So from Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn. Would they be okay with direct linking? Still no.

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    There 3 answers to yoyr question:
    1. Generally - yes it is ok. I have done this before (not via prosperent but via commission junction). I got a mail from them after about a month asking if i'm using it and said yes. They said something "while it is not prohibited, you should mention it in your network profile"
    2. In most cases, merchants have strict rules about direct linking only for paid search campaigns (some small merchants allow direct linking even from paid search, but the vast majority of the big ones don't). The best thing to do is to search for the specific advertiser you want yo promote this way in the relevant affiliate network and read their T&C to see if they disallow it. If not, then it is allowed
    3. What i wrote for 1+2 is not necessarily true for prosperent as they are kind of affiliate network themselves, which means they have their own T&C. So one of their staff will have to be the one providing the answer here..

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    The above from egth is correct. Paid search campaigns can't be direct linked. If you have a fan page, that IS your content site. In that case, direct linking from your facebook page to a merchant is fine. Just make sure we know what you are doing and you are fine (or we will tell you otherwise)

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    got it Brian, thanks
    thanks to you too Egth.

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    How do you direct link to a merchant? I see an area in the dashboard here to build a link to a product, but not straight to a merchant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry Frogs View Post
    How do you direct link to a merchant? I see an area in the dashboard here to build a link to a product, but not straight to a merchant.
    Use ProsperLinks

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    The get links interface in yourdashboard gives you links directly to merchants and merchant products. THe links go directly to the retailer, and you can post to social right from the get links interface.

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    I have been direct linking to merchants and their products via Linkshare and Commission Junction (usually under a Deal of the Day post) via Facebook and Twitter for years, without any complaints from them.

    However, I am still wondering what the best way would be to implement that via Prosperent, as while the social postings help a bit with click-thrus, it does not seem to ever help with actually getting sales. It would be nice if a search bar (maybe with merchant or product selection options) could be implemented directly into the site's Facebook page. I know that would more on the Facebook side of things and if that is possible or even allowed.

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