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    But for merchant logo why do we need the query strings

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    Not all merchants have logos. We need the query string so we can create a merchant image for those that do not exist. Doing a database lookup on every image request to see what the merchant name is to create a flat file would be a terrible idea from a performance standpoint. On request, nginx checks to see if a file exists, if it doesn't it has to be created, and this is when we need the query string. We pass that over to the php script that then creates a static file so it can be served without any lookups or processing on the next request. We would otherwise need to use php to serve up images, and that is costly from a cpu standpoint when you have 120 million images to serve.

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    Yep, my apologies. It was capped at 80 and never hit that limit until the recent name changes, and I just didn't see it with the ones I looked at since they appeared to be complete (although the ? should have been a tip-off). I've changed the field to be a text field with no limit.

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    No worries, just glad we figured out what it was

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    So if i am to create the merchant logo url programmatically using the merchantId what additional parameters do i need to pass. Are these documented anywhere.
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    looks like a few of the merchant endpoint logos are blank white images now-- maybe 1 out of 10. Here's Kmart's url:

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    That took care of it. Quite a few logos are generic words without images. This is old news I know - I remember some discussion a while back. Are those going to be switched any time soon? Simple example for Saks Fifth Avenue: Thought I'd ask since you said you are working on the logos recently

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    We go through logos regularly. With over 4,000 merchants, and it being an entirely manual process, I wouldn't expect full coverage anytime soon. We try to get our top merchants taken care of regularly.

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