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    Merchant logo images not found

    Roughly half of the merchant logo images that my site was displaying yesterday aren't displaying today. I pull them from the merchant endpoint. Here's an example of one:

    the url I have from a few weeks ago that still seems to work is this:
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    The logo url's changed to the new format so they are more accurate (using merchant id's, and having the merchant name as a fallback so you don't get bad images). We will check out any potential issues though.

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    It looks like this has cleared up for the products logos, but many of the coupon logos are still not being found. It appears to me that it is because the extension for the coupons logo is png instead of the jpg that is used for the others. An example is Brookstone:

    this image exists:

    this image is in the coupons and is not found:

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    Thanks for the heads up. I'll let Brandon know, and we will get it taken care of. This was a pretty big update for images, so I appreciate the feedback and bug hunting.

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    What's the latest on this? It looks like the coupon logo url has changed again but still gives no image found, and now for almost all of the merchants. Here's the url given for Cabellas:

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    Should be fixed, sorry I thought I fixed it last night.

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    I think that did it. Will know for sure tomorrow after a cron runs but looks like a new url is working for the dynamic page using the coupon endpoint. Thanks!

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    I'm still seeing about half of the logos for coupons not being found. Here's an example for the Microsoft Store:

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    Is your script cutting off the variables after the ?

    The url should look like this:
    PHP Code:|prosp=&m=Microsoft 
    Yours is missing the query string, but it has the ? still which makes me think your script is cutting it off.

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