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    in product endpoint but not merchant endpoint

    There are a small number of merchants that are in the product endpoint but aren't in the merchant endpoint, and haven't been in the merchant endpoint within the last year from my records.

    I've worked around the issue, and maybe your team already knows about it but just in case I thought I'd let you know. Here are 3 that came up from various products searches on my site yesterday:

    for merchantID: 130963 and merch name of 11 Main and catalogId of 1c35fe8ab6e1b146ca84a994e3fc5b1b

    for merchantID: 130967 and merch name of CNdirect and catalogId of 29a3369b092dfc37b3d9b4d5c97f5f76

    merchantID: 131046 and merch name of Dresslink and catalogId of 3187651b86de0b0efeb41e285da450b3

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