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    Pipe Delimiter in merchant images Url

    I find a pipe delimited "|" included in the merchant logo image urls generated by the Merchant API. All the urls have ?|prosp=

    Now this | in the url is creating problems for me (I don't know about others). Can you please check and remove it if its a typo error. While I understand the need of passing the parameters, I don't understand why a pipe is included in the parameter name.

    Please check.

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    I had fetched the merchant logo url for import with other data in a pipe delimited csv to be used with woocommerce, now that pipe breaks the pipe delimited csv at unwanted places and the columns following the url get mismatched with the header and the logo url itself gets truncated with just a ? at the end.

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    Makes sense. I'll plan on running his by the team on Monday and see what we come up with

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    This may not be the same issue but it is somewhat related. I was just going through my google analytics and notice a problem with the pipes and merchant names in the url.

    In my list of landing pages (within google analytics), I find urls like these: Australia|Sears|OnlineShoes/brand/mywalit/ Outfitter/view/grid/brand/MKF|Hobo|Camo Chique/

    You see the pipe in there between the merchant names placed correctly. But when I click on the url, the browser displays the url like these: AustraliaSearsOnlineShoes/brand/mywalit/ Outfitter/view/grid/brand/MKFHoboCamo Chique/

    Notice that the pipes between the merchant names have disappeared, merging them all together. This results in displaying a No Results page. Adding the pipes back in the url displays the actual results correctly.

    I have several of these landing page urls, so people are finding these in the search engines and clicking on it, only to find No Results. Getting this fixed will get us all more affiliate clicks and commissions.
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    Excuse me. It's not just the pipes in between merchant names that disappear, but also in between brands when there is more than one, as the second example above shows.

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    I was using pipes in between merchant and brand names since many brands use other characters such as the "&" and "-". BUt upon further reading, Google says that the pipe is an unwise character in URLs. So I will be changing that to something else, just not sure what sadly.

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    What about the pipe in the merchant logo url returned by the merchant api?

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    I'm not a coder, and barely understand all this encoding stuff. But would using "%7C" instead of the "|" make a difference? This post (last one at the bottom) made me ask this question:

    Perhaps google is encoding the "|" in a way that when the url is requested (as when clicked on in the search) it gets messed up. Wondering if using "%7C" instead will make it work.

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. I'm just a layman trying to understand, so you can just ignore if it doesn't make sense.

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    We are going to remove the pipe. Will try to have it removed later today...

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