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    What are the top things you would like to see from us?

    What are the top things you would like to see from the Prosperent tool set?

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    I would like to have the merchant logo url and the brand logo url in the search results. That will save me 2 api calls.

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    1. The actual product sold in the commission data. You and I have discussed this before Brian but thought I would list it here also.
    2. The Dashboard finishing.

    Much of what you have already told us is coming soon is what I have been after, so I am already happy about all of that.

    I'll think about this more when I take a break!

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    - Would love to see more options for filtering; like filter by color.

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    - Add additional images to product page.

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    If we can get that information somewhere we would love to provide it. Most merchants don't provide either of these things, so we will need another data source. It's on our long term plan though.

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    Oh yay... let's see what I'd like...

    I'd like to have a little more control over all the various random pages the plugin creates when a search is conducted and/or on a product page.

    For example, the ability to turn these product page links off and on:

    Personally, I like the category link (it creates a search result), but the other two, brand and merchant, I don't want. They create unnecessary pages and bloat on my sites...and I don't see them driving any significant traffic.

    And turn off these merchant pages links/pages created as well:

    Yes, still list them the same, just don't make the merchant name a link to another new page on my site(s).

    Better yet, make it an affiliate link directly to the merchants home page...that would work

    I've ended up completely turning off the sidebar stuff on a search result page. While that does decrease the uselfulness of the search tool for my users, ALLLLLLL those links create SO many pages.

    I'd also love more product images...

    I really wish the urls created were cleaner...

    Naturally, I wish I could actually edit the page (product page or search page) after it is created, but I realize that just isn't possible for each page. Kinda like the wordpress search bar widget....when you search a site using that search bar, it creates a page on your site with the results...but not a true page that you can edit/see from your dashboard.

    But it still would be cool if I could edit and dress up the page titles for products and some descriptions (amazing how UNgood some of these merchant descriptions are...haha!)

    Ok, I'll stop with those things. I'm not someone you should EVER ask, "what would you like to see?" hahahahaha!


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    That's great feedback. We should be able to do something with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigi89 View Post
    - Would love to see more options for filtering; like filter by color.
    This would make a lot of sense for several products such as clothes or even laptops. On that note, what data does merchants provide? Can we filter by size or specifications of a smart phone for example? Also, filter by price ranges and percentage off (ie under $100, $100 - $200, et cetera) may be a better option than a slider.

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