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    How to maximize the speed of your wordpress site

    Wordpress is slow and bloated out o the box. Ad a dozen plugins, some fancy templates and you can easily get into the 10+ second page load zone even with a blazing fast server. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. Here are a few quick tips to speed things up.

    1) Use memcache with the Prosperent plugin. If you use our hosting i'm happy to install it for you, otherwise, there are dozens of tutorials out there depending on the os your server runs. Memcache works by caching our api results in memory so you don't have to hit our api for every request.

    Memcache on CentOS

    Memcache on Ubuntu 14.04

    Memcache on Ubuntu 12.04

    2) Install W3 Total Cache. I tested a bunch of different caching plugins, and this one has the most flexibility and speed. Configure it to use memcache instead of using disk based caching. Between this and the memcache api caching I was able to take a site from 15 second page loads to 3 seconds.

    3) Finally, use Cloudflare. This last piece finally got our page loads under 1 second on average which is pretty amazing. With cloudflare you can signup for free here:

    Add a CNAME DNS entry for click masking and image masking. This makes all of your images and links appear to search engines to come from your web site instead of Prosperent. Your images will never get blocked by an ad blocking program, and it helps with SEO.

    I personally set my security profile to Medium, on the performance tab I set caching to aggressive, 1 month Minimum Expire TTL, enable auto minify for HTML, CSS, and JS. If you have a pro account you can also turn on Mirage 2 and Polish Image Optimization. YOu can experiment with Rocket Loader, although it does break some javascript, so make sure everything on your site functions normally after turning it on.

    That's it. These 3 things should be pretty easy to implement. Your server will be able to handle 10X more traffic without overloading, and each page load will be significantly faster. Faster pages mean higher search engine rankings, and happier visitors more likely to purchase something through your links.

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    Thanks Brian,

    One additional note for CloudFlare: You will need to activate the CloudFlare extension in the plugin.

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    Can you please provide an example of the entries needed to set up CNAME, DNS entries for Prosperent click masking and image masking?

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    Any suggestions on making sites mobile ready?

    I am using a plugin called WPTouch which seems to work pretty well but when I installed W3 Total cache it stopped working. I ended up uninstalling W3 Total cache.

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    I try to use responsive themes that scale well for mobile and desktop. I haven't tried anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by travling11 View Post
    Can you please provide an example of the entries needed to set up CNAME, DNS entries for Prosperent click masking and image masking?
    I know this question was from a few months ago, but I had the same question and this is the thread that I found that explains it:

    If you're using the Prosperent Wordpress plugin I think you also have to add the CNAMES underneath the "Advanced" page of the plugin.

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