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    what is Nordstrom's current commission rate at propserent?

    I saw they dropped from 1st place to somewhere around 7..
    was wondering, did they change their terms with you?
    what is the current commission rate and cookie duration they have with prosperent? is it still 10% and 7 days cookie? (regardless of the special offers)


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    Nordstrom cut the cookie duration down to 1 day. We're working with them to get that corrected again. Large merchants want transparency into who is promoting them, and the ability to filter publishers they don't want associated with their brand. We are giving them a dashboard to handle all of this in the next day or two. This should also get us access to merchants we don't currently work with as well which will be great. We can bring on ebay, share a sale, tons of new fashion merchants, and potentially even amazon.

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    well i must say that this is something i should expect you guys to publish on the forums.. just like you do when you get a commission increase, there should be a message saying that the advertiser terms have changed.. it happened with zappos and now nordstrom and who knows who's next, but people in the prosperent network can lose a lot of money because of these issues.

    it should be noted that there is a difference between advertiser terms changes when you have the baseline commission (which everyone can see in the corresponding affiliate networks dashboards) and when you close a specific deal.
    in the latter, you are the ONLY one who knows about this deal. and you usually announce it proudly in the forums. but when this private deal is removed, no one says anything...
    i think that someone from the prosperent team should announce these type of things, because otherwise - your are the only ones to know about it!

    zappos and nordstrom in this case were one of the top 3 advertisers in the prosperent network. i think it is only fair to let everyone know if their terms change significantly like in the cases mentioned above. we shouldn't be guessing something has happened when we see a drop in EPC for those merchants. and again, i don't expect you to do it with merchants that you have the baseline offer (the vast majority in the prosperent network), but i do expect it to happen when we are dealing with private offers and especially when it comes to the your biggest advertisers.

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    We're working o na solution for this currently. The issue is that we work with over 4,000 merchants, and these changes are communicated through e-mail which is impossible to navigate with the volume of messages we receive. We're writing a scraper that will log into each network and scrape the latest terms. We can then process it, looking for key phrases and such, and display that on our merchant page. This should give current terms as well as special rates for programs updated daily. I really wish the networks had a simple way for us to get this info, but they don't. It is something we think we can solve though.

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    What is stopping Prosperent from becoming a network all on it's own? Sign up a few of the merchants directly, coach them on how their data SHOULD look like, and start from there?

    That way your exclusive deals lasts longer, if the merchant decides to change anything, everyone is communicated to immediately, and when merchants see you give them the majority of sales, they'll soon drop other networks and become exclusive to Prosperent.

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    There is more to it than that for large merchants. Linkshare requires merchants to sign exclusivity deals for multiple years for example, so Nordstrom for example wouldn't be able to work with us directly. We're working on some solutions along those lines, just not ready to speak about them publicly yet

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    Come now. Everyone knows about Fight Club...

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