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    Unhappy MEAN and Node.js

    My client has a eCommerce site where he used wordpress and prosperent.
    Now he like to implement whole site in MEAN (node.js, angular js).
    We are planning to use a node js supported server(digital ocean)
    Now we like to use prosperent in node js and angular js. How should we proceed. Do you have any code or library for that?

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    The beauty of our api is that it can be accessed via curl and sends back json. THis will work with pretty much any language out there including node.js. We don't have any libraries specific to node, but you shouldn't have any issues accessing the data or parsing it.

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    Ouch. I fear your client might not have the right service provider.

    Here is something to start you off with (I googled "use curl in Node.js)

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    @AcidRazor why do you think digital ocean is not right service provicer

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