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    Facebook and others stealing our sales should be against the law.

    Have you found that after searching your store you go over to Facebook and you see the exact same item you were looking at now being offered to you on Facebook. If the customer clicks on that link and purchases it then they get the commission and not you.

    To me that is so wrong. Or do you see it as part of the game? I would like to hear your thoughts on that.

    I've been in the software industry since 1980 and on the internet since 1999 and it just seems like it is getting harder and harder for the little guy.

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    It only happens if you go to the retailers site and view the product. This sets a cookie, and then they retarget you using adroll, or one of the other retargeting places. Some networks have multi channel attribution so you get some of the sale even though facebook, or retargeting actually closed the deal.

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    Yeah, it's sorta part of the game. It's not just retargeting, it's email, coupons, loyalty sites, and others that can get in last if the user doesn't buy right away.

    Like Brian said, multi-channel attribution is a growing thing. So there's hope for improvements here.

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    Also keep in mind Facebook Ads are usually run by someone else, they just target people who might have been interested in your post or have seen your stuff first. I don't think it's a big deal though.

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    And, now that I think about it, the retargeting ads are probably helping you more than hurting. If your cookie is set, and it's the merchant running the retargeting ad, you're likely to get the sale still.

    So yeah, not a big deal, or maybe even in this case beneficial.

    And in any case, Facebook is not an affiliate. They're not stealing any sales.

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