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    Can i see clicks source?

    On the dashboard i can see that i am getting clicks and the number of clicks by day, but can i see from where these clicks are coming from?

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    You need to use the SID to track where the clicks are coming from. If you are using wordpress it should be easy, if you're using the API, remember to set SID for each site to see where it comes from. AFAIK the url should be set as well because of the requirement from merchants

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    These clicks are from old web 2.0 sites which i don't remember anymore where i built them. I wanted to see which one is getting clicks but i don't think they have sid integrated.

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    Oh ok. I see what you mean (I haven't looked at the reports they have on the dashboard in some time)

    Go to the API End Point "Clicks" ({youraccesskeyhere}

    You would need to copy and paste your accessKey at the end of the URL (found on the Clicks end point, thats why you need to go there)

    You can adjust the date range for whatever you like

    then throw the output of that URL into here:

    You should be able to get the URL's from where the clicks came like that

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    Thanks, i think i get enough information, though i don't think it gives information for sites that are on subdomains like

    Also, the accesskey should be without brackets, otherwise i get error message.

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    lol i know, I'm just so used to putting {} in tokens when I'm programming that I did it there too

    httphost and requestUri, those should show even if it's a subdomain like on wordpress

    Also, always keep an excel spreadsheet or some similar database on where you opened accounts, usernames, passwords etc. It comes in handy

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