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    When I use an affiliate link for through Prosperent it does end up going to the home page, but unlike some other merchants there is nothing else in the url (no params) and I'm not seeing anything in the cookies that looks obvious to be related to an affiliate.

    Is there maybe a problem with this one?

    Here's what I am using:

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    Following up on this. Is there a way I can always know if the cookie crumbs are being spread around or not?

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    The link goes through cj, and works properly. Not all merchants need additional parameters tacked onto the url in order to track a sale.

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    Ok, but can that also be the case for cookies--ie they need no more than my utma cookie to track it all properly, or do they even need that? Should I assume that as long as it ends up going through Prosperent to the merchant that you have tested all of those to make sure YOU are getting credited on sales and if so then I can always assume you have also tied it back to my account properly, even if I can't see any evidence in cookies or the url of that? If 'yes' that's fine. I just am making sure so I won't ask the same kind of q in the future.

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    If it goes through a network url, it is tracking properly. CJ, linkshare, etc handle that side of things. Each merchant is different, and not all use the same traditional tracking methods.

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    Does that mean as long as it starts with h ttp:// key and ends up at the url I specify it has gone through the network url and is ok?

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    You will see a redirect in between. You really don't need to worry about that though. We pull a list of active merchants and update our systems hourly. If it shows up in our merchant list, it is a valid merchant.

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    At the risky of becoming annoying... I'm just wanting how I can know if I'm doing it right. I'm using the type of link in the OP and it ends up being redirected to the merchant. Can I assume that for all those that I use that approach - if they redirect to the merchant url that is in the link - that all is well?

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    If they are an active merchant of ours, they will be redirected through an affiliate link. if they are not, they will be sent straight to the merchant without an affiliate link in the middle.

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    Great, thanks. Yeah I'm checking the deeplink param first in the merchant endpoint, so sounds good. Thanks again.

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