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    Link Structure and Bing

    My site has this structure:

    These are dynamic pages. However, there is no such page as or

    The programs use the parameters for category and location, and that are good descriptors, but those 'folders' don't actually ever exist as real urls that render a page. As such obviously there are no hyperlinks to them for Google and Bing to find.

    This seems to be no problem for Google. But, I'm not as comfortable with Bing because in their Webmaster Tools under Reports & Data > Index Explorer when I click on it shows as a folder underneath it. When I click on it it shows the locations as folders underneath category and when I click on a given location it shows the subcategories underneath. So it clearly recognizes a folder hierarchy.

    Overall seems probably ok but I was just surprised they did it this way, as they are listing folders that don't actually exist. But it appears Bing is crawling only the existing pages. My structure may not be ideally organized but does anyone think it is a problem for Bing?
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    I am not a Bing expert but you seem to be using a RestFul approach to your urls which is definitely the right approach. I do believe google rank you lower these days if you use a lot of queries in your urls. I cannot understand why bing do not like it as nearly all modern websites use the MVC Rest approach so the url is an internal structure used by your Routes. It does not matter that the physical pages do not exist, very few actually do. I am getting ranked on Bing also using the same approach. Unless I have completely misunderstood your question :-)

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    With the MVC approach you would usually have a default page for the route as well as

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    Thanks. The defaults I have are: and
    And I have an 'anywhere' location as kind of a 'catch all' What I don't have is simply for no location since the category is location-based (think Restaurants)

    so I guess I didn't do it standard. I'll be monitoring the crawling by Bing to see if it is a problem or not.

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    Maybe 301 anything to /category to go to /category/location/all through htaccess

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    really good 'just in case' idea I hadn't thought of. Makes sense--I'll put it on my list. Hell of a lot better than the major restructuring of the urls I feared might be necessary.

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