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    how can I open this file?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgriff View Post
    how can I open this file?
    Welcome to the internet.

    First, you would need to get a program to Unzip it after you clicked the link and downloaded the file to your computer. Windows should come with one built in, unless you're still on Windows 2000 or earlier. I would recommend downloading WinRAR (32 bit, 64 bit

    Once you've extracted the file to a folder, open up the CSV file (it stands for "comma separated values", which is exactly what it says it is. It separates the values with commas) by double-clicking it. If you're running Windows, you should probably have Office installed as well, which will then open up Excel by default to open it.

    If your PC tells you it has no idea how to open this file and gives you options in programs to choose from, choose "Notepad". Alternatively, I'd recommend installing OpenOffice ( it's a free "Office" that should be able to open the file for you if you don't want to go the Notepad route.

    Please note, above instructions is purely for a Windows setup. You didn't mention if you were running Mac or Linux, so what I mentioned above might not work for you.

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    Please add this download in our account. I have been searching for this all over the forum.

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    I saw this q a while back but forget the answer: Are the merchant-specific categories no longer accessible? I know you still get them. Brian, I'm sending you a pm as to why I'm asking.

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    How many category we could pass with pipe in one single API call???

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    There are a number of possible character length issues you could hit depending on your web server, but technically speaking, I believe you can do 100. Of course, that would be an insanely slow query to try to run, and I would highly suggest you don't ever do it. You are basically sending 100 filters into a search query, which is going to perform poorly. Any particular reason why you would need to do that? I find that when someone asks a question like this, they are typically doing something that can be done faster and easier another way.

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    Hello, I noticed that API doesn't allow to search by top categories (e.g. baby products)

    As I remember a few months ago it worked well.

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