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    Category normalization mistakes

    In order to normalize our categories, we rely on predictive models that use machine learning algorithm's to classify products based on training data we provide. With hat in mind, there are, and will always be edge cases where you can't easily classify a product without manually adding more training data. If you run across any products that are clearly miscategorized, let us know and we will add the training data to improve the quality of those results. What we need is the catalogId for the product, the keyword, and the current category along with a description of why you feel it is incorrectly categorized.

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    Query= sunglasses

    Getting lots of percentOff=100 - also getting VacationHomeRentals with results.

    100% off begins showing up on page 2 of a 24 item request - VacationHomeRentals on about page 4


    {"catalogId":"f69f65757ba026c36ef953321c5f74d0","p roductId":"a9bab75119079ea9847ff4d24f8f65be","affi liate_url":". . . ?k=0br+-+Exquisite+Mission+Bay+Studio&m=123872&b=&p=f69f65 757ba026c36ef953321c5f74d0&sid=mod","image_url":". ..jpg","keyword":"0br - Exquisite Mission Bay Studio","keywords":null,"celebrity":[],"description":"This bright and airy studio is completely furnished (linens, towels, etc.) and opens through French doors to a private patio. There is a king sized bed, a kitchenette complete with microwave, toaster oven, and small fridge. The studio has a full ...","category":"clothing & accessories > men > accessories > eyewear & eyewear accessories > sunglasses","price":"110.00","price_sale":"","perc entOff":"100","currency":"USD","merchant":"Vacatio","merchantId":"123872","brand":nu ll,"upc":"","isbn":"","sales":0},


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    When using filterCategory - results = "price_sale":"","percentOff":"100",

    - thanks for your attention to this,

    {"errors":[],"warnings":[],"data":[{"catalogId":"f5d7b3749fe23d6d3be261094afa43a9","p roductId":"fd67fcda779ef45fb7ed48a517c69695","affi liate_url":"http:\/\/\/store\/product\/403621-19354-0\/?k=Donna+Dewberry+Glass+Brush+Set+4pc+-+Liner%232%2CFlat%2312%2CScruffy1%2F2+%2CFlat3%2F4 &m=124314&b=Weber&p=f5d7b3749fe23d6d3be261094afa43 a9","image_url":"http:\/\/\/images\/250x250\/\/images\/products\/8872360\/84\/35\/Donna-Dewberry-Glass-Brush-Set-4pc-Liner-2-Flat-12-Scruffy1-2-Flat3-4-P16097438.jpg","keyword":"Donna Dewberry Glass Brush Set 4pc - Liner#2,Flat#12,Scruffy1\/2 ,Flat3\/4","keywords":null,"celebrity":[],"description":"WEBER-Donna Dewberry Glass Brush Set. Perfect for acrylic and watercolor painting! Easily cleans up with soap and water. This package contains one Liner #2 painting brush with white soft synthetic hair; one flat #12 painting brush with white soft synthetic hair; one scruffy 1\/2 inch painting brush with white soft goat hair and one flat 3\/4 inch painting brush with white soft synthetic hair. Imported.","category":"arts, crafts & sewing > art supplies > painting > paintbrushes > paintbrush sets","price":"13.29","price_sale":"","percentOff" :"100","currency":"USD","merchant":"" ,"merchantId":"124314","brand":"Weber","upc":"","i sbn":"","sales":0},

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    The second one doesn't look like a classification issue. Don't post the percentoff issue in here, we are aware of that issue. This thread should only be for classification issues. Thank you

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    Merchant : T-Mobile
    MerchantID : 123769
    Keyword : TYLT ENERGI 3K+ Lightning - Black & Blue
    Catalog : e4a3eba369ab70adb61126e8fe289bec
    Category : shoes > boys > sneakers
    Description : The ENERGI 3K+ battery pack has a built in Lightning cable and universal USB port for rapid charging on-the-go. Charges two devices simultaneously. Slim-line design and the ability to fully charge your smartphone more than one full-charge makes for the perfect portable power companion. Leave your cables at home with the built in arm for charging on the go. You can even use it to charge two devices at once! LED indicator shows how much power you have left

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    Merchant : T-Mobile
    MerchantID : 123769
    Keyword : Galaxy S 4 Flip Cover - Blue
    Catalog : 4a684538e483820d6ae0b8bb287e1316
    Category :jewelry > novelty jewelry > rings
    Description : The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Flip Cover was developed with the users lifestyle in mind. This case, designed to protect the Galaxy S 4 smartphone without adding bulk, is the perfect combination of style and durability. Take it to the gym, on a hike, to the grocery store or an evening out on the town. This case is constructed to withstand even the most active lifestyle while allowing the user to display their sense of fashion. Many smartphone cases make you choose between protection and fashion. With the new Flip Cover for Galaxy S 4 you get both!

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