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    Are merchants are categorized?

    I want to know if merchants are categorized with specific categories or using products normalized categories?

    For example i am not getting list of merchants (merchants api) for category: computers & accessories .

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    I am getting merchants list for simple category names like Electronics , Home , Sporting Goods, Toys , Health, Baby etc... (but not sure about accuracy)

    But not getting result for Computer, Shoes etc....

    If they can be categorized under normalized categories. It will be great.

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    THat raises several issues. For one, merchants can fall into dozens or even hundreds of categories. How would you categorize amazon or ebay for example? Next, there is no data, so you can't do it in an automated way like you can with products, and finally, there are 40,000 to go through and manually categorize.

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    This is where you would have to do it manually on your side for now, however, crowd sourcing data like that from, I don't know, all the guys who have developed with the API before, would kind of take all that effort away from Prosperent in categorizing these, and put them in the hands of their users. The effort of deleting a category when someone reports it because someone got drunk and put "tig ol bitties" in as a category, is much less than going through and categorizing 40000 merchants. Merchants can even be responsible in categorizing themselves if they feel like they want that control.

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    Still it will be nice If it is possible to categorize merchants under some top(single) level generalized categories.

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    We do that now, but we just added 42000 merchants, so that's going to take a bit

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