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    Why we don't offer datafeeds

    Over the years we have been asked hundreds of times to offer datafeeds. We always decline, explaining that data changes too fast, and our api can be called in realtime for the freshest data out there.

    How fast does product data really change? Now that we do daily product refreshes, I can tell you. In the past 2 weeks, 17 million products are no longer offered or active from merchants, or those merchants have migrated to different networks. Had you been using datafeeds, it's likely that the majority of your traffic would be dead after just a few days.

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    That is really awesome. The same problem if we run a merchant based niche site(even if we use API) .

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    Hmm.. Does it mean.. we have 17 millions lesser products?? :P
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    No, it means 17 million products have changed. One goes out of stock, and another one is added. We always have about 50 million products, it's just that the products themselves change very fast, and very often.

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    wow, that's quite a turnover. Interesting info.

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    One needs multitude of parallel threads and servers to be able to regularily synchronize several hundreds of feeds so i think it is better to rely on prosperent which already does the job.

    However i can imagine the case where someone is interested by just one or two feeds and want to parse this one once a day in one shot instead of looping through api calls.

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