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    Commission Payment Schedule


    Quick question about commission payment, i know you updated the times recently so just wanted to double check.

    When would the payment be made for sales in July, assuming they are all cleared at the same rate etc. Am thinking late Sept, is that correct? Or would it be Oct.

    Am looking to scale up with some ppc so having this info would be useful for budgeting purpose.


    *ppc to my sites not the prosperent links direct

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    Pretty much all of our merchants pay out either net 30 or net 60. So, August for some commissions, and September for the rest typically.

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    sorry for the delay in getting back to this, manic few weeks.

    So for sales i made between 1st and 31st of July i could expect some to be paid in early Sept and the rest in early Oct?, therefore for sales made in August it would be Early oct and Early nov?


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    Commissions earned in August can be paid out as early as August, with the rest being paid out in September. Sales in August would be September and October in this case. MOST retailers pay us net60, but we do have a few that pay net30, so we like to get those commissions closed and paid out to you as quickly as we can. We never hold the money, so as soon as a merchant pays us, we pay you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prosperent brian View Post
    so as soon as a merchant pays us, we pay you.
    Which is usually on the 1st of the month

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    Almost all of our payments through our history have been before the end of the month. Our terms do state that payments will be made by the 5th of the month though.

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