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    I don't think my sale/purchase tracked. Why not?

    This is a common question, so I wanted to lay it out in here since this applies to any affiliate network, not just Prosperent.

    There are certain factors that may influence click counting/tracking. For example, if someone has any AdBlocker software installed on their browser, Prosperent won't work, meaning clicks aren't tracked and links don't affiliate. Also, if someone has a toolbar installed on their browser that could interfere with affiliation. Some people also may have their browsers set to reject cookies, in which case Prosperent wouldn't work.

    If you don't have your site submitted for review, you may not be active in many merchant programs. make sure you submit your web site or app for review.

    If someone clicks on a link before the page fully loads, that also influences whether or not Prosperent can track and affiliate that link. Also, keyboard modified clicks (ctrl click, shift click) do not always track or affiliate, depending on the browser.

    However, under normal circumstances, once you've confirmed that you have installed the Prosperent code properly, your clicks should be tracking and links should be affiliating.

    Also, there are times when cookies can get replaced. For example, if someone goes to a coupon site looking for a free shipping or discount coupon, that would override the Prosperent cookie and you wouldn't get credit for that purchase.

    Also, we do have some merchants in our network that do not pay for each purchase, but pay for clicks.

    As we are only able to track a click until it reaches a merchant's URL, errors resulting in the disruption of tracking can occur with a merchant or within an affiliate network.

    Finally, not all merchants report comissions in realtime. We check for commissions every hour, and some merchants take up to a week to report a commission.

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