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    Prosper Links & Opening In New Tab

    When I turn on Prosper Links my links no longer open in a new window automatically. Is this a glitch? I DO have the box checked just below where you turn the prosper links on AND on the individual links as I make them.

    When I FORCE a link to open in a new tab (right click > open link in new tab) the Prosper Link doesn't seem to load (I don't see the brief Prosper info in the tab before the link loads).

    Am I correct in thinking that Prosper Links MUST open in the same tab as the page they are on? If so I'd like to see having them work with links that open in a new tab added to the WISH LIST as I really don't want folks forced to leave my site to see an item.

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    To open to a new window you have to specify the "target" in the link markup as "_new" (if memory serves). You have that option to do so when manually adding links. As for it not opening up when you force it to open in a new tab, I'm sure Brandon would love to see an example of this so he can have a look at it.

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    We may need to modify the JavaScript to look for that. We will take a look

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    Ok, I've taken screen caps of what I did to get the links to open in a new window.

    This first one is where you actually make the link on the post page...

    This next one is on the Prosperent plugin's general settings tab...

    Is there MORE I need to do?

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    That setting is for the prosper insert, not for prosperLinks. We will need to modify the javascript on our side to fix the issue

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    Thanks Brian! Appreciate ya'll. I'll let the RAM folks know you guys are on this

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    Thanks, i'll keep you updated once we have that fixed.

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