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    Merchants with minPaymentPercentage/maxPaymentPercentage of 0

    What does it mean when a merchant has a minPaymentPercentage/maxPaymentPercentage of 0? Does it mean commissions aren't available, or commission percentage is unknown?

    Here is an example:

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    I speak under correction; Those percentages are averages a merchant pays on the network. So if you see 0's, it means those merchants have had no sales/payouts yet. You'll find a few since Prosperent added a lot of merchants the past few months. I also think some of them are pay per click, which means those percentages won't update.

    Brian can chime in if I'm wrong

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    All of our active merchants pay commissions. We calculate the min and max commission rates based on commissions, so any merchants without that data are either brand new, or don't have enough sales yet to accurately calculate that value.

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