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    Dashboard showing lifetime revenue, but no earnings or payments

    My dashboard shows a lifetime revenue of $7.74, but I'm not getting any data on my earnings, and no payments have ever been made. See attachment.
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    You have the default date range selected. You don't appear to have had a commission in the last 30 days. You can select a longer date range to see any commissions that you may have. For payments, make sure you have your tax info submitted, and a payment service selected.

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    I joined Prosperent less than 30 days ago. Tried a longer date range anyway and still no data was showing.

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    If you look at your commission report, you will see the status of each commission. I'm guessing the 1 that you had was reversed (product returned to the merchant for example). If you joined less than 30 days ago, you wouldn't have been paid yet. Most merchants pay net60, with a few paying net30, so at minimum it would be 30 days after the sale before you would expect to get paid, and more likely 60 days.

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    Yeah I checked the commission report, and also queried the Commissions API, but didn't get any results... from what I know purchase was made without return.

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    In your case, it's because you literally just earned the commission within the last hour (just got into your account and checked). The lifetime revenue comes from mysql, so it will show up immediately, the commissions in the actual report will show up sometime in the next hour (we update all of our reporting hourly).

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    Ok, I'll check again later. Thanks, Brian, for the quick responses!

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    I'm seeing earnings now, but they're not matching up with the lifetime revenue total (I've attached a screenshot). Also, it appears I'm unable to retrieve this data from the API:{hidden}&filterCommissionDat e=20150701,20150706

    Also, is the 70/30 revenue share already reflected in the earnings, and is there any way to find out what the total spend is for each purchase?
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    Looks like I just needed to wait it out a little longer. I can access the updated data via API now.

    I see the total spend under "saleAmount" field, and it looks like the earnings already take the revenue share into account. Awesome!

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    You got it. We have a big cluster of almost 100 machines, so it takes some time for then data to get everywhere. It's pretty much always updating.

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