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    Question how much actually comission rate for walmart merchant?

    today I get report in my dashboard that my promotion for walmart product turn into sales. the product is 'Coleman 18' x 9' x 48" Power Steel Rectangular Frame Above-Ground Swimming Pool ' in walmart site the pice is $399 (hxxp_://, But in my comission in my dashboar just $1.
    So, how much actually comission rate for walmart merchant?

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    That should show you that Walmart USA's minimum commission is 1% with a max of 5.26%. That's TO Prosperent, Prosperent then has a further commission split with you to cover their costs for the API and network. (edit, however I think it might be TO you that they show there, not 100% on this either)

    However, I might be wrong in this case, so please bare that in mind; The keyword the person used to click through with your affiliate code might not have been the product they bought at Walmart. For all intents and purposes, Prosperent logged it as "Coleman 18' x 9' x 48" Power Steel Rectangular Frame Above-Ground Swimming Pool" but the person could have bought something else instead.

    The merchants usually only update them based on their SID they pass through to track this click for you, and not necessarily tied to the product. This would mean if you saw a click on a high priced item, but then see a low commission, chances are good the person opted for a cheaper/alternative product on their site instead. Still leaving you with some commission, but not what you would expect.

    However, again, I speak under major correction here and from what I know about how Prosperent tracks these sales.
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    That is the item clicked, not what they actually purchased. If you give me the sid I can tell you the sale amount. It's likely that someone clicked on the swimming pool link and purchased something else. That's the beauty of having a 30 day cookie. You can get sales for items days or weeks after the initial click.

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