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    How can my pending earnings drop overnight, from 105$ to 98$, i thought pending would be already sorted.

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    Pending earning does not mean confirmed earning. There can always be a product being returned and the commission being reversed. That's why you may see the pending earning change until the day they get locked.

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    The above is correct. Pending earnings are earnings pending any reversals or returns that result in an adjustment.

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    i also noticed a drastic drop in daily average earnings compared to my clicks per day. It used to be higher. Any idea why? from my end nothing much has changed.

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    You could have higher levels of bot clicks going through your site, a merchant you promote could have delayed reporting, or your traffic could have shifted with one of the large recent google updates. Hard to say, but we aren't experiencing anything abnormal on our side.

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    Pending earnings have gone down to $80 now but total earnings are staying the same. Seems to be a hell of a lot of returns, as pending has dropped $20

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    @mickleach Pending earnings dropping $20 is not unique to you. Someone might have bought a computer or small piece of furniture (or several small purchases) through your site that got you $20 in commission, but they returned it. This happens. It happens to all of us.

    As far as your total earnings being larger than your pending earnings, that makes sense, but it depends on the custom date range you selected.

    Let's say you selected a three month time range on your dashboard, you might have total earnings of $100 and $80 pending earnings. The means you likely had $20 cleared/paid earnings at some point.

    This might not be the case with you, so you might have to explain your situation further.

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    Thanks. Now have notification saying next payment due on Oct 5th, should that be Sept 5th.

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    Yes, it does say Oct. 5th on my end too, but I would assume that will either be updated or the payment just goes through on the 5th of September.

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    Payments will go out by the 5th of this month as usual.

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