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    Anyone else having problems with the dashboard?

    Dashboard loads, but if I go to earnings breakdown and select a date it just sits at One Sec with the spinning gear and never loads. Happens on both my PC and Mobile

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    We fixed this a while ago. I haven't seen issues with it since then. If you are still having issues, let us know.

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    Still doesn't work on my end. Same issue, earnings breakdown screen loads, but if I select a date range, say yesterday 9/2 - 9/2 I get the one sec loading icon and it never loads. Happens on both my phone and pc

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    @cyberkiller, what is the URL you are on before you get the hanging "One sec..." message?

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    Main dashboard, I usually login, check my earnings for the day on the main dashboard, then go to earnings breakdown to see which sites made those earnings that day.

    Issue started around when I made this post.

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    Thanks, we see the issue now. We corrected a similar problem on the main dashboard back when you posted this, but missed this one. Check your pm's by the way.

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