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    Smile Please Help - Totally Confused

    I am very new and need some help on how to get started. I look at the videos, I read, but I can't figure out where to get links from merchants to put on my site? I know that is a really stupid question, but I am missing something. Can anyone point me in the right direction, PLEASE!

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    Are you using WordPress? Forum? Or on a different blog platform? It's easier to give you some guidance if you provide some details, as some things may not be pertinent to your situation.

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    I am using WordPress, but I have tried to use the Prosperent Plugin to no avail. I have used other affiliate sites to put merchants on, but I really like what Prosperent has to offer and would like to figure out how to add merchants and data feeds from you.

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    Here are the steps for the Prosperent Plugin:

    1) Install the WP Prosperent Suite Plugin
    2) Activate this plugin
    3) Go to the Plugins "General Settings" and add your Prosperent API key (you need to have signed up for a Prosperent account first). Click "Save Settings".

    The plugin is now enabled on your WordPress website. Your work is about 95% complete and the first three steps probably should have taken only 30 seconds or so. Easy so far!

    4) Also on the "General Settings" page, enable the Prosperent Tools you want to enable on your site (e.g. ProsperInsert, ProsperLinks, and ProsperShop)

    If you enabled ProsperInsert, you can now add relevant products to your article posts. Go to "ProsperInsert Settings" to choose the settings you want enabled on your website.

    If you enabled ProsperLinks, go to "ProsperLinks Settings" and make sure the "Activate Link Optimizer" is checked. Click "Save Settings". Now when you add a merchant URL in an article post or page, that link is automatically affiliated by the script encoded within the plugin. This is probably the easiest thing to enable. If you add links to merchants that you are not approved for, those merchant links will not be affiliated (i.e. you won't receive commissions from that merchant). Learn more about excluded merchants here:

    This next step will cover:
    how to add merchants and data feeds
    If you enabled ProsperShop, go to your pages and see if a products page was automatically created. If so, you now have a searchable product database on your website with millions of products that your sites visitors can browse by going to that page. Everything is handled automatically by the plugin, so there is no need for you to create a complicated script or use datafeeds. Awesome, right?! To customize your ProsperShop, go to the "ProsperShop Settings" to edit the settings you want enabled.

    So that about covers the basics of the setting up the WP plugin...if you now have more specific questions just ask and someone from Prosperent or us other publishers on the forum will try and help out.
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    Maybe think about this: When I insert the code into a blogger gadget (there is no header) the checker afterwards tells it is not inserted but it actually is, which means there is a bug which just needs to be ignored maybe it's the same with WP just go through with the installation and ignore what the system tells you. After make the link and see what happen.

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    Blogger is the oly platform that doesn't allow you to insert code ito the head properly, that is not related at all to wordpress.

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