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    First Commission?


    I recently setup Prosperent on my site. I set up everything and a friend purchased something and I do not see it in my Dashboard. There are no sales made and no commissions. Does it take a day to post? Or am I missing something?

    Thank you.

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    So I am not getting paid for that transaction? I'm pretty sure my site had been reviewed. Where do I submit it again?

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    I've been speaking with you guys through email.

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    It's the same group of people answering in both places, so let's not duplicate the conversation. Would you rather speak here or in the e-mail thread?

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    I am new here can somebody help me on how to go about with this business?

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    Hello Brian,

    I would like some info in regards to prosperent income. I have received 114 clicks however, no money? Is there something I need to do different?

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    Commissions are earned through sales not clicks.

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    Pay per Click
    Pay per sale

    Google it

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