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Thread: celebrity page

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    celebrity page

    I'm adding a page for celebrities with merchandise. People will click on a celebrity name or image and it will return a page with their products. I have 2 qs:

    First, is it legal to use any of the images the merchants supply for their products, but without having the link attached? I need images for the celebrities and understand you can't just pull images off of Google, but thought maybe it would be ok to use the images the merchants supply--however I'm talking about a picture that goes next to their name just to identify them and not a specific product attached. If not, is it ok to show one of the images as a link they can click on to get the associated product (which I'll show on a page, but with all the other products for that celebrity too)?

    Second, anyone have a good list of celebrities that have merchandise? I think Prosperent use to have a list but not sure..

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    You can use Google Images if you know how to get credit to where and who it came from if it's not completely said not to.
    If you'd like try Searching Google then selecting the Search Tool Option It'll show things like as drop down menus:

    Size, Type, Time, Usage Rights & more tools.

    So you'd probably select the usage rights option and select from there. Which will allow you to select basically open for public usage. Freely to use anywhere. Here is a blog talking about copyright on the web it might help.

    Video to show how it's done:
    http://You can use Google Images if ...EsMsk?hd=1</a>

    Trying to find Top Celebrities just search Google for a Top List. Also Try Google Trends to find the Top Searched and most popular now.

    Works for anything. Celebrities, Products, Companies etc. Try seeing if you can find the top selling products also for the specific celebrity so you know it's selling better than other products offered and give your self a better chance of offering the latest top products people want.

    Let me know if this helps! Also as far as I know yes you can use the images from Prosperent freely on a blog using Prosperent.

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    rtwmerchants, thanks very much for your reply! I will definitely check all that out before I get started on that page, which hopefully will be in the next few weeks.


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