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    accessing the forum/logging in issues

    frequently I can't seem to access this just spins round and round when I click to go to it. Sorry to say I"m not sure what fixes it - I try various things like deleting my history, or cookies, or logging in..eventually I can access it, but I'm not clear on which one makes it happen, partly because of the next issue:

    If I sign in it goes to my dashboard but I don't see a link to the forum so if I then go to to get the menu it says I'm not signed in--it appears to either not recognize my previous sign in like it used to, or it actually signs me out somehow.

    Am I the only one with these issues? I"m using Firefox.

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    Hi, If you have logged in and are in the Members Area Dashboard to get to forums you can select the community icon at top right of page to go to forums. There you should be able to post and reply in the forums. Let me know if this did help you.

    **Just cause I see what your saying that it looks like you are not signed in may not be correct. Just try and post to the forum to see if it'll post just like I just did.**

    Tip: I have learned over years of posting online to copy what I am writhing in a forum before submitting it or if a long post to keep coping it as I go to make sure if anything goes wrong I can simply try again and just paste my information without re typing anything. Some times better to open a notepad file copy and paste it there and keep it in front of you until your done and are for sure that the post is made. Better safe than sorry technique. Keyboard shortcuts to select the text you have typed in a text box are ctrl+a then to copy the highlighted text is CTRL+C and finally to paste is anywhere click where you want to paste it and press CTRL+V.

    Possible to also just right mouse click and do all the same options above. Will save you in the future believe me. Inet goes out when you submit something is terrible but to have a temp back up of your post then your back in business with your business!
    Last edited by rtwmerchants; 11-19-2015 at 03:22 AM. Reason: Just checking to see if the steps I explained were working.

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    rtwmerchants, as an example - this morning I went to the home page, clicked on community-forum. No problem, read your reply and then decided to sign in. So I clicked the sign in button and signed in and usually it goes to the dash board but this time it went to this page in the forum, no problem - BUT it still says 'sign in' at the top. So I clicked on the sign in button again and it went straight to my dashboard account page--clearly I am signed in.

    I then click on the community picture (thanks for that-I didn't know it was there), and it takes me back to this page which still says 'sign in'.

    So, there is a problem, and I don't think it is anything I'm doing. Then there is also the problem of sometimes when I first go to the community-forum page it never makes it -- just circles till the end of time (or a timeout).

    re the posting--I learned to copy long posts a while back but those are good tips for anybody reading.

    Thanks again, Ted

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    It's a known issue. We use memcache for sessions site wide, but vbulletin seems to have some issues at time carrying that over properly. We're aware of it, it's just low on the priority list right now.

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    That's fine, I just wasn't sure if you knew. No big deal.

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