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    Anyone Experiencing Page Load Issues on WP Sites Since Cloudflare HTTP/2 Release?

    Has anyone been experiencing issues with their WordPress site since the release of Cloudflare's "HTTP/2 + SPDY" last week?

    This Cloudflare release is supposed to improve page load speeds and my initial thoughts are it does, but it seems to be negatively impacting certain aspects of my site:

    1. My WP page editor loads incorrectly. I regained some functionality by unchecking "Enable full-height editor and distraction-free functionality".

    2. The admin toolbar (shown at the top of WP sites), was pushed below the footer of my site and loads improperly (i.e. admin links load vertically). I temporarily fixed this by unchecking the "Show Toolbar when viewing site" in the admin user settings.

    3. On mobile devices, most notably tablets, the ProsperShop product search results load below the sidebar brand/store filter. Note: I asked Brandon to take a look at this as it might be relevant to future Prosperent Suite updates.

    Since this Cloudflare change was only released 5 days ago, the web forums lack any discussion on issues folks are experiencing with their own site.

    If anyone has experienced any of the aforementioned issues and were able to troubleshoot and fix it, please share your tips and advice.

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    I usually disable cloudflare for a day even thou they say that it only takes 5 minutes. Then test my sites see what speeds I am getting and go from there. I don't have any secure SSL sites right now so I could not say that I am experiencing this even thou in the last week I also think my sites were getting a little slower. The same old story clean cache allow new to rebuild might be answer but really I am not sure about that either. Have you tested your site with CloudFlare in development mode? That should disable your site for 30 minutes to see real time changes. Might give some insight to if its the site what part or what ever it could be coming out more noticeable. Let me know what you think about the idea.

    Try going to the next page when products load under the sidebar see if the next page is loading correctly. I am also having seen a few issues like this happen in the past few weeks on my sites. The initial search results page showing up under the sidebar but when I continue to the next page for products it corrects itself then if I select the go back it'll also correct itself on the same page that had a problem.

    As far as the tool bar issue can you find out if their is any thing hidden loading in that spot? Just a guess to debug and see what's pushing it down. Development Tools might work to inspect the area to see what's loading there. (F12 key should bring that up if you don't know)
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    I haven't experienced any such thing and I run 4 wordpress sites behind Cloudflare

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    Turns out I was the one that caused this issue. Apparently I had blacklisted an IP that was causing these issues. Oh well, at least everything is back to normal.

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