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    Affiliate Network Links

    I have a question regarding the links provided by cj, share a sale, etc. In every network there is a database of links, created by merchants, queryable/downloadable by publishers.

    Is there any plan in prosperent to APIze these and offer them like you do with products ?


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    Thanks but no I am looking literally for "Links" not products.

    In CJ and Share a sale, for example, they call this "links". they contain text links, banners, special links, coupons etc.

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    With our links api, our bookmarklet tool, and prosperlinks, you can link to any merchant url and earn a commission from it.

    We used to pull coupon data, and even spent a great deal of time normalizing it, but after years of doing it, we stopped because our users earned pretty much nothing from the links. I imagine the same would go for banners. We actually used to offer our own banners that even analyzed on page content to display products relevant to the page and to the user. Again, banner blindness and such made those unprofitable for most users as well.

    Our goal here is to provide affiliates with tools that are tried and tested and that actually product income for a large number of people. We test dozens of tools and ideas, then narrow it down to what produces results

    We have anew image tagging tool that we thing is going to be HUGE . Look for that in the next week or so.

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    I know, I intend to use the affiliator api, it suits part of my needs, which is linking to any merchant with no prior relationship (except explicitly banned from)

    I understood also that products api is what brings you (and publishers) almost all the earnings and that's why you decided to discontinue other endpoints since they don't produce results.

    I was thinking that maybe you already or you will support "links" even in RAW format as taken from networks, even in RAW downloadable csv files.

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    I am looking forward to the image tagging tool. Sometimes we have collages of fashion and beauty items in one image. Being able to target them directly from the actual image should be interesting and hopefully profitable.

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    We're also building tools so you can build a collage right from our interface. We should have a bunch of cool tools that help you build more visually appealing, shoppable images for your sites.

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