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Thread: Best Buy

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    Best Buy

    Best Buy commissins normally suck, but this holiday season they have lowered them even more. On top of that, they aren't offering any commission on any Apple products. Send your traffic elsewhere! They obviously don't care about affiliates.

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    Agreed, $580 laptop = $2 commission = 0.35%

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    It is pathetic, and they are unwilling to do anything about it on their end. Send your traffic to another retailer. Walmart is actually highly competitive price wise and offers higher rates. Best Buy is even worse than newegg (and that's saying something). I know margins are tight on electronics, but this is out of hand.

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    Best Buy has always sucked.

    I would not even promote them for a stick of gum.

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    any other merchants we could add to this list?

    Maybe we could sticky a thread with merchants that are worth removing / blocking?

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    Newegg for sure. I'll put together a list on Monday.

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