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    How does adding a P Store affect SEO

    How does adding a Prosperent store to an existing blog affect SEO? I have a small blog with original material and am beginning to attract a small amount of traffic. What happens if I add a store ... will the thousands of pages of affiliate merchandise kill the SEO on the blog? I currently have a few products with ProsperInserts and would like to link to more.

    Am I better off putting the store on a separate domain or subdomain?

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    I haven't ever seen a store impact the main site in a negative way as far as SEO is concerned. We have customers like that have been running our shop for well over a year. The big reason to run the shop is actually because the pages will get indexes, and you end up with sales that you otherwise wouldn't have had.

    Now, with that said, the shop can be resource intensive, especially if you have a low end shared host for your site. I suggest using it only if you have a VPS or better personally.

    Note that you can also use category filters inside of the shop to narrow down the products shown.

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    This seems related so I'm adding it to an old thread. I followed Brian's advice and added a Prosperent Store to a blog. Today I got an email from Google Search Console:
    <<Googlebot identified a significant increase in the number of URLs found on This makes it harder to crawl the website and can result in users not finding your site's fresh content in search. Googlebot may unnecessarily be crawling a large number of distinct URLs that point to identical or similar content, or crawling parts of your site that are not intended to be crawled by Googlebot. As a result Googlebot may consume much more bandwidth than necessary, or may be unable to completely index all of the content on your site.>>

    Is there any concern? Haven't seen this message before and I have had other sites with many more pages indexed (usually just before they were banned).

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    What if you want to add the store but are not concerned with the pages being indexed (at least for now) and add a robots.txt exclusion?

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