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    Product Info No Longer Available For Some Merchants

    I've noticed (mostly today), a few merchants including Adorama, World Market, Tipsy Elves, Sur La Table, Advance Auto Parts to name a few, no longer have product data available.

    Although I am using the WP plugin, I believe the API feed no longer contains this data.

    Is this a temporary issue or are products from these merchants being deprecated?

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    I believe I see the issue. It's going to take some time for them to reindex (about 24 hours), but they will be back in. Thanks for the heads up.

    edit: It looks like the cj api has slowed down to a crawl (which is where we grab the status for merchants. It used to take a few minutes to run, now it takes more than an hour.) After making some adjustments, we should be good with the new slow speed they have, and shouldn't timeout.

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    Thanks for looking into it and making the adjustments.

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