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    OVH - $40 for 30GB Ram cloud?

    So I'm busy faffing around online and saw OVH is selling a 30GB RAM instance at $0.11 per hour, which is roughly $80 a month and if you switch to a monthly pay schedule instead of hourly, they half that to $40...

    I'm not sure if I'm still drunk from last night or if there is some catch to this?

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    What are the biggest advantages to using a cloud based solution?

    I am currently using DigitalOceans VPS $10.00 plan but I see where OVH offers a $8.99 plan that is cloud based and offers 2 gig ram and 1 cpu vs 1 gig 1 cpu at DigitalOcean.

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    Cloud-based solutions are usually not associated with any specific hardware, whereas a VPS is usually associated with 1 specific machine, so if that machine blows up, so does your VPS instance. Or at least that's what I understand from it.

    That's even cheaper. 2.1ghz, 10gb ssd, 2 gb ram for $3.49

    $6.99 gets you 4gb ram / 20gb ssd

    I really wonder why they're so cheap? They're even using OpenStack (like Rackspace) for their cloud based solutions which I really like as you can interact with an API if you'd like. They allow you to add disk space instead of getting more instances. So for 100GB high speed (sdd) disk, they charge you $9 a month. For the same price I'm paying for hosting now, I can almost triple my capacity in RAM and get a metric fuck ton of disk space

    what's the catch!?

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    From my research, they have a crazy number of servers (some claim more than google). A bank subsidized the hardware costs for them (300,000,000), and they own the network, so bandwidth is dirt cheap. I heard support is slow, but any low cost host is going to have that. The only other negative I have heard is that their dns servers and ip ranges are HEAVILY used by spammers (mail and such), so many ISP's in the states block them. You could of course use cloudflare. They have been around for like 16 or 17 years.

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    The only PIA was the validation I had to do (last time I had to do this was with a registrar, 1and1, and I stopped using them anyway)

    The VPS isn't an instant setup like with DigitalOcean, took about an hour after authorizing the payment through PayPal. The response have been, on average, about 1-2 hours from their side, which I find acceptable. I even logged a support call asking where my VPS was (expecting it to be setup immediately) and they responded within a few hours to make sure everything was running properly.

    Ping time from my Prosperent server to theirs isn't bad either, 50ms, I'm assuming they host in Canada.

    I'm already behind cloudflare for most things so that won't be an issue. Will be saving myself $7 for triple the RAM

    Won't be hosting mail or anything through it that might be construed as spam though, but will check the IP against the databases anyway

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    I am going to try out the VPS Cloud 1 option over the weekend.

    From what I have read, the NVMe feature should increase the performance of the SSD significantly. I looked at the VPS SSD option and in addition to NVMe, the Cloud option offers more disk space and a faster processor.

    I am hoping the cloud option offers other performance advantages in addition to server fail safe replication but I do not know.

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    Problems with the 1 core 2 GB ram VPS CLOUD 1 option at

    I loved the performance but my servers keep crashing and wiping out my databases, forcing me to re-install from scratch.

    Everything would be working well then traffic would spike and eventually I would see the dreaded:
    ERROR! MySQL is not running, but lock exists.
    i was never able to find a workable solutions to resolve this issue.

    I moved back to the 1 core 4 GB ram solution they offer which is slower but seems much more stable.

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