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    I am still not seeing product names as page titles. Has this not been fixed yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by prosperent brandon View Post
    Sorry had some things come up, I have this, it will be ready soon. Sorry for disappearing.
    Is this going to be done soon?

    Thank you.

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    Okay, it's been over a year now since I started this thread. Will this ever be fixed?


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    I thought I had fixed this in the last update, did I not?

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    I thought I had fixed this in the last update, did I not?
    There is likely a conflict with the SEO plugin they use. Yoast SEO plugin overwrites the Prosperent plugin meta data and incorrectly displays only the default page title. There used to be an option where you could turn this off, but Yoast removed it.

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    I don't use Yoast or any SEO plugin. What should the shop's title structure be set to for the product name?

    If I select query, it uses the starting query.
    If I select page title or Wordpress default, it uses "products."


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    Oh I see what's happening. I fixed it half way I guess. I should be able to get an update out for this today, just have to move a line of code around.

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